Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

Viridi is a stress relief game that runs on both iPhone and Android phone. I know what some of you are thinking. Some of you don’t believe playing digital games can relieve your stress and think that I’m kidding you. Because you think playing digital games is addictive and it will ruin your life. Although I do agree to it to some extent, Viridi is still a beautiful and relaxing game that you will enjoy playing with.

I like playing this game and I want to share it with you. So first, I’m going to tell you what Viridi is and how to play it. I will then explain briefly why digital games like this game could be a stress reliever.

You may be wondering: what is Viridi

What is Viridi? Viridi is a gaming app that is both available on iPhone and Android phone. It is a simple but beautiful game. All you need to do in this game is to nurture a small pot of succulents that grow in real time. Yes, that’s it. Nothing more.

One thing you should be aware is you need to literally wait for the plant to grow. This means that you have to actually wait for three days (i.e. 72 hours in real life) to see your pot full of succulents if that species of succulent need three days to grow in reality.

It may seem that it is boring to play it. But, it’s not true. Actually, playing it doesn’t only give you a sense of satisfaction but also make you calm and relaxing. This is because of two features of the game, relaxing background music and gardening in the game.

The background music in the game is smooth and relaxing. When I was playing it, I found that it made me calm at that time. Because the music is peaceful. Is that just my imagination? No. Because actually listening to music could relieve stress as well. You can read my previous post about how to reduce stress with music for more information.

Gardening experience in this game isn’t only fun to play but also relaxing. Because it will be happy and satisfied to see the things that are planted by you growing. Of course, it is much better to do real gardening instead of playing the game.

If you are still not sure whether to play this game or not, you can read the below quotes to know how National Geographic and The Huffington Post comment this game.

“In addition to learning about real-life varieties of succulents, what you are learning when you play games of this type is how to create a quiet, mindful moment in your day using unusual tools”
– National Geographic

“Yes, you do need an ultra-zen video game about growing succulents … tending to these digital plants offers a seriously calming experience”
– The Huffington Post

Here’s how I play Viridi

Below is the landing page when I open the gaming app. Just tap “start” to begin.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

Since this is my first time to play it, I have to pick a pot. I like green, so I pick this green pot.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

I also need to pick which type of succulents I want to grow. This time, I choose primus.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

Wow. I can even name my first pot. So, I name it “Relieve My Stress” which is my website name.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

Now, here is “Relieve My Stress” pot. It seems that I have to water the succulents because they are thirsty. So, I tap the water bottle icon at down right corner and tap the succulents to water them.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

It seems that they are not thirsty now.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

Do you notice there is a snail? I can even change its name to “My lovely snail”. Just tap the snail and then tap its name to change the name. Also, there are some long grasses in my pot. I remove them by tapping on them.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

When I open the gaming app next day, I notice the background color is different. It seems that the succulents can listen to the background music so that they can be vibrant. This is done by tapping individual succulent and waiting for a while.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

Unfortunately, the game is not completely free. That’s why I have to pay if I want to change the background or plant other types of succulents.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On SmartphoneViridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

But it seems that I have a free seeding this week.

Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

That’s it. If you want to see more, you download it and try for yourself. Downloading it is free.

Playing digital games including Viridi could relieve your stress and here’s why

There are many scientists around the world researching how playing digital games including smartphone games could relieve stress. For example, according to a book called “Evaluating User Experience in Games: Concepts and Methods (Human-Computer Interaction Series)” by Regina Bernhaupt, players frequently reported feelings like satisfaction, a release of stress, relief, and getting into a good mood (1).

However, not all types of the digital game could reduce stress. Instead, some of the games may make you anxious. As reported by School of Social Sciences of the University of the West of Scotland at the UK, your level of anxiety will be higher if you play fast-paced games (2).

So, what kinds of digital games can relieve our stress? The answer is Casual Video Game. Generally speaking, Casual Video Game is a fun game that doesn’t require you any skill and regular time commitment. For example, Viridi is Casual Video Game. According to Center for Applied Psychophysiology of East Carolina University at the US, playing Casual Video Game can improve your mood and decrease your stress (3).

The main point is how you manage your time. Playing them is not a problem while spending too much time on them is a problem. Although they may be addictive, you will be fine if you don’t let the games control your life.

If you want to know more about how digital games could relieve stress, you can read my previous post called “Can Digital Games Reduce Your Stress? Essential Advice On Stress Relief Games“.

Final thoughts

Originally, I didn’t plan to write another post about apps. Because I was going to write a book review and I already wrote two posts about apps during these two weeks.

But, I changed my mind. Because I like this game and this game could be another stress reliever. I also thought that it would be fun to write a post about it. And, I am right about this.

I always believe that playing digital games like video games and smartphone games can bring some benefits to us. For example,Viridi could reduce our stress. So, I think that we should play them instead of avoiding them completely.

Of course, we should not let the games control our lives. But this doesn’t justify that we have to avoid them at any cost. This is another reason why I write this post instead. Because I want to show that there are good sides of the games.

Speaking of Viridi, I think it will be better if the instructions are clearer. Because it takes me some time to figure it out how to play it probably.

Even though Viridi is not a free game and you have to pay for getting other functions like changing other background and obtaining other seeds, it’s still free to download and play. So, it’s no harm to try it to see if you like it or not.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about my post or want to leave your own personal opinion, leave a comment below. Here is the download link of Viridi:

Download now from App Store!

Download now from Google Play!


1 Bernhaupt R. Evaluating User Experience in Games: Concepts and Methods (Human-Computer Interaction Series).

2 Boyle EA, Connolly TM, Hainey T, Boyle JM. Engagement in digital entertainment games: A systematic review. Computers in Human Behavior. 2012 May 31;28(3):771-80.

3 Russoniello CV, O’Brien K, Parks JM. The effectiveness of casual video games in improving mood and decreasing stress. Journal of Cybertherapy and Rehabilitation. 2009 Mar 22;2(1):53-66.

14 thoughts on “Viridi: A Beautiful Stress Relief Game On Smartphone

  1. Great review. like kenny I never knew there are games targeted at relieving stress.
    Unfortunately this is not available on Windows and Amazon Fire phones.

  2. Of all things, I’ve never thought that there are specific games on the smartphones that could relieve stress. All I’ve ever thought of is meditation, hypnosis and relaxing music.

    And thanks for the reminder of not letting games control our life. I was thinking will we be pulled into the denial virtual world when I read that.

    • Hi, Kenny. Thank you for your comment!

      You may try this game as well because it is fun to play. I think games are neutral. It depends on how we play or control it.

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