What Is Anger Room? Here Is What I Think

What Is Anger Room? Have you heard of Anger Room before? If not, it What Is Anger Room? Here Is What I Thinkprovides rooms that you can smash anything inside without any consequence. The founder claims that you can relieve stress by doing so. So, is it really true? How is it? In this article, I am going to tell you what it is in case you don’t know about it. I will then write about what I think of it. In short, I have a mixing feeling about it. Without further ado, let’s start with an introduction of Anger Room.

What is Anger Room

Generally speaking, Anger Room is a company providing rooms that allow you smash anything inside. Each room simulates an actual workplace, living area or kitchen. Before entering a room, you have to gear up by wearing some safety gear like helmet and safety glasses. Because this will protect you from getting hurt when you’re destroying things.

Then you will pick up one of the tools like a baseball bat to break the things in the room. In the room, you can destroy dummies, mannequins, TVs, tables and other breakable items. Yes, you can break anything inside the room. You don’t need to bear any negative consequence. Of course, you don’t even have to pay for anything damaged in the room.

You may be wondering how long you can stay in the room. Actually, according to Anger Room’s website, you have three packages to choose from. The time duration that you can stay in the room depends on which package you choose. The packages are “I need a Break!”, “Lash Out” and “Total Demolition”.

  • “I need a Break!”: You can smash things for 5 minutes.
  • “Lash Out”: You can smash things for 15 minutes.
  • “Total Demolition”: You can smash things for 25 minutes

You may ask for extending your duration in the room if you are so eager to break more things. Because the company provides additional time in increments of 5 mins at an additional cost. However, you cannot stay more than 30 minutes in total, according to the company’s policy.

Some of you may want to know whether you can request to customize the room. The short answer is yes. You can request a customize room to suit your need. But, you need to make that request 24 hours in advance and pay for additional charges.

My thoughts on Anger Room

When I first read the news article about Anger room, I thought it was an alternative way to reduce stress. Sometimes when you’re stressed, you may want to break something that is related to your stress. For example, if you were stressed due to your job, you might want to smash some office equipment like printer and computer. Because you might be very pissed off by your office work. This is totally understandable.

In reality, we all know that you cannot do that without paying the consequence. But in Anger Roon, you can break as many things you want.

I also thought that it might be a funny way to relieve stress. In the past, we could destroy things to relieve stress in video games but not in reality. Now, we can have a chance to do this in reality. We don’t need to clean up the place afterward and this sounds wonderful.

However, I am not sure whether this is a good stress relief way. Even though you wear safety gear before entering the room, you will still have a chance to be hurt. From the video above, you can know that your eye and head are protected. But, other parts of your body may still be hurt if you are not careful.

What Is Anger Room? Here Is What I Think

Also, I am not sure whether this is an effective stress reliever. You may enjoy it when this is your first time to do it. But what about next time? Will you enjoy smashing things over and over again so as to reduce stress? Also, will this lead you to violence in real life?

We may enjoy this in video games but we all understand that gaming world is very different from our real world. However, if you rely on Anger Room every time you want to be stress-free, will this eventually lead you to break other things outside Anger Room? This is unlike something that is about video games causing violence. In video games, you control a person to do whatever you want. But in Anger Room, you are the person who actually break things.

Also, will this worsen your anger management? Will this eventually make you think violence can help with stress? To be honest, I do not know. This maybe happen. This maybe not happen.

What Is Anger Room? Here Is What I Think

Therefore, I have a mixed feeling about it. Anger Room may be a good or bad way to reduce stress.


By and large, Anger Room is a company providing rooms that allow you smash anything inside. If you ask what I think of it, I will say I have a mixed feeling about it. This may relieve some of your stress. This may also worsen your situation. But, if there is one in Hong Kong, I will still try it because of curiosity.

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10 thoughts on “What Is Anger Room? Here Is What I Think

  1. This is for real?
    Heard about it somewhere and thought it was a joke.
    Still – smashing things for 10 minutes would be a great stress reliever especially with the exercise needed to do it added in. Not sure how much it would help me anger-wise — I don’t break things because I’m angry but more likely to get angry because I broke something…

    ….:-) I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

    • Hi, Cat. Thank you for your comment!
      I think we may try it once. But, I am not sure whether it is a good way to reduce stress.

  2. What an interesting topic. I have never seen or heard anything like this before. You give great detail on the situation and it’s good that you let people know it may not be the best thing for them. Maybe trying it once can be somewhat theraputic, but maybe just once. I love your natural alternatives to stress free products. Great site!

    • Hi, Skylet. Thank you for your comment!
      I am glad to know that you love my natural ways to reduce stress. I also agree that it may be worth of try it once.

  3. With my current job, an anger room is exactly what I need and is an awesome idea 🙂

    When I’ve “accidentally” punched or kicked office equipment, I must admit it has made me feel a heck of a lot better, lol. HA HA… I think it’s great that 3 packages are offered, and total demolition is definitely the room I need.

    It would be a great feeling to just smash and leave the room as it is but I can see how people will get injured if they go too crazy.

    I need anger room in my life! LOL


    • Hi, Neil. Thank you for your comment!
      I think we all Anger Room in our life when we’re really stressed and pissed off LOL But I still think that we should not rely on it too much. There are many other ways to reduce stress.

  4. I think I have mixed feelings about this too. True, it probably does relieve stress, but at the same time does it create something in a person to want to continue smashing things outside of the Anger Room? I know that I wouldn’t fall into that category, I have self control. But there are those out there that this might stimulate something that wouldn’t be so good. Great review! The things people think of. I bet it is pretty expensive because whoever goes in the room, is destroying everything.

    • Hi, Matt’s Mom. Thank you for your comment!
      Anger Room is not so expensive. I also worry that someone may addict to it and smash things outside Anger Room.

  5. Stress is part of life and I don’t think by smashing things you will do any good yourself.
    God does not burden us with more than we can handle and he has given us the tools to handle the stress.
    All in all it’s a fun activity to participate in lol but it will not help you release stress.



    • Hi, Yaser. Thank you for your comment!
      That’s why I have a mixed feeling. Although it is funny to do that, it may not be a healthy way to reduce stress.

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